Them There Balls

This is January

Sorry, I’m squinting.  Big orb, golden, shining in the sky.  Door open, puppy sleeping, kids at school.  It started with a -0.5C this morning, fog, naughty herd.  Now, we are sunny, good herd, and warm.  It’s been a busy day.  Though the biggest day has been for Shaft.  Brent selected three bulls for next year to further the herd ( read rumpy pumpy ).  He planned to select two and castrate the third ( for yummy steer meat to come ).  An amazing bull reality series took place and Shaft was voted off.  He’s a great looking bull, but he’s too tall and a bit jumpy.  By bull standards, he might be amazing.  We are after flavor and yum.  Farmers often select big and tall for the bull.  We look for ability to get fat on grass among other things I’m sure Brent will detail in a blog post soon.  Brent likes short and stocky.  Wookie and Richter won. Shaft got shafted.  Okay, he didn’t get “shafted,” he got castrated.  I was trying to work the whole Shaft-shafted deal.  Move along.


A simple and quick procedure.  He was a gentleman.  After the deed was done, he had a long rest and will join his bros later today.  His Rocky Mountain delicacy ( don’t look ) was enjoyed by our older retriever who loves castration days.  Evidently, you can fry these up and enjoy.  We opt-ed out.  I already had dinner planned and the cat needed brushing and the dog ate my homework and I need to pair those socks.


Richter was calm as anything.  He only “sucks to be you”-ed while Shaft was resting.  They are good friends, the boys.  I think they will support each other well.

For us, it’s been a great day, but a bit rough on the edges.  For Shaft, I can only think of this song:

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