Leftie Got Her Horn Did



( photo by B. Curtis )


Leftie is the one on the left.
saw different

With any moment of uncertainty, I should grab my camera. There are a few moments of “wow” I could have photographed that, but was too in the moment to snap.  Shockingly and naively, I snapped without thought when we started this farm.  I have photos of heifers running through fences.

What was I thinking?! Why was I snapping?!


Not two minutes later, a three-year-old reads to the neighbours in a tutu.

Now, with a bit of experience and prediction, I leave the camera behind when things are new or take place with unknown outcome.  But I shouldn’t.

reel of saw

“Leftie” has a horn that is growing the wrong way.  It’s headed towards her head.  Brent cut it off today.  I had ideas of how cutting this horn would go.  I’m thinking a horn-i-cure. I was thinking, “ow.”  The horns are like nails. fat cow

The cage did well.  The rope did okay, but it was the nose thing-oes that did the trick.  She was calm and ready while Brent sawed off her wrong way horn.  After Brent attached the nose thing, she was ready.  I held it tight and she almost fell asleep.  He cut her horn in minutes and she was back with the herd.

nose pinch

“Leftie” is a lovely cow.  Her crazy horn could have come about for a number of reasons.  No reason to cull her.

Leftie's horn

It was a big cow day today.  A big infrastructure day.  I snapped some photos while Brent was busy fencing a new paddock.  He’s the guy by the white Toyota Hilux.

brent hard at work

The wood pile is dry, but diminishing what with fencing and cold weather.

woodpile, a bit

The chooks that should be in Nebraska are scratching around the courtyard.

chook and bale

The cows are happy, the bulls are in.  I’m looking for Lefite to see how she’s going.

potential beef

After today, we will have some mince, some veal and some lovely, tasty, tender beef for sale very soon ( inquire within ).

… and in other early photos, I offer you this gem.  Don’t touch.  It’s danger of death.


4 thoughts on “Leftie Got Her Horn Did

  1. cecilia says:

    and a lovely day was had by all, except possibly Leftie, tho I have t say that cow who can sleep through having a horni-cure (play on pedicure but did not work!) should breed some mighty fine calm beef.. c

    On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 11:51 AM, Brat Like Me

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