The Grass Is Often Greener

the reel

This is our reel.  It is the temporary front fence for each move.  Brent lays it out and charges it before he moves the herd.  He also does a buffer should there be any issue.  We are belt and suspender folk.

greener grass

This is a calf eating under that front fence.

under the wire

Oh and one of the bulls eating under the front fence.

I don’t like the under-the-fence eaters.  Sure, I get you, the grass *is* greener, but you might knock that fence.  We’ve had some front fence pressure in the last few days.  It may be the naiveté of the calves what with their longer horns and bigger frame.  The calves could quite comfortably walk under the front fence and back without issue, but they are bigger now.  They are almost one and ready to move on.  The fence is hot.  The calves have learned.  The bulls have settled rank.  The herd seems a herd again.  Though we keep close attention to the greener-grass bovines.


As they say, “What would Peter Hernandez do?”  This might be his response to eating under the wire:


Calf i: Can’t I  just stay here?

Me: No.

Calf i:  Spend the rest of my days here?

Me: No.  You’ll break the front temp fence.

Calf i: Oooh!



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