Votre Leçon Française Aujourd’hui


Your French lesson today: When I say “your” I mean me.

I rely heavily on context, nouns, verbs and body language to have a conversation.  But, there are these little words and phrases I let slip by as white noise.  I’m not sure what they said, but I know they “want to buy beef.”  Or “they think she will come soon,” but their face says they aren’t sure.

Things I hear and now know how to spell:

“je crois” == I think

“quand meme” == anyway

“alors” == then ( but I think people say it because it sounds good.   )

“mais bon” == okay, I’m done trying to understand you and I will make my way out the door.

“le temps c’est de la merde” == the weather is shit


In our ( my ) last French lesson, I said that “brown” was “poo finger.”  Thankfully, I know a person from France who corrected my error.  As much as I want “brown” to be “poo finger,” sadly, this is not correct.  The color brown/green is “caca d’oie.”  To my not-so-great French, this is “goose poo.”  Not quite “poo finger,” but still wonderful imagery.  We’ll get to the bottom of this.

*fancy ‘c’ curtesy of google translate


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