I Feel Fire and I See Rain

wet chook

Chickens hate the rain.  It is POURING!! Or as they say in the Commonwealth, “it’s pissing down!”  Z is home sick and Brent is out working the cows in the biggest piss down I’ve seen in days.  We are having a lot of rain here in the Gers.  As grass farmers, this is great news, but today may have cranked our rain tolerance to eleven.  Our pasture is doing well.  Brent put the herd on the parts of the farm he will seed soon.  So instead of using a tractor to prepare the fields, we’re using the cows to get things ready for spring seeding.

well well

The whole potty-train-the-puppy deal has made my feet wet, so I’m chilly.

We are learning where the water goes when things are really, really, really wet.
warm pups

The dogs stayed by the fire, keeping warm and rested just in case they need to help out.

disturbed dogs

Whoops, my Nikon woke them up.  Ssssh, now, back to sleep.

wet farmer


Brent is out in it all.  At one point, there was hail.  That means rain and cold.  He is very, very wet in this photo, yet still has a smile.  Hurry in now, lunch is ready and the fire is hot.


Rain, rain, rain.

deeps puddles

Our drain was working well until it rained like Sydney.  It’s calm now and the drain has a chance to catch up. Whew.

Instead of the original, I Glee-ed this song reference for two-hundred, Bob:

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