A Trip To The Moon On Gossamer Wings

M. Potaht
I am still at the stage of my life where cutting cheese with the purple knife is still very, very important.  I can name many things that happened today, but nothing more important than the unresolved mystery of Mr. Potato Head’s other ear.  My fourth child, you see, is a child of symmetry.  Mr. Potato with one  ear just won’t cut it.  Oh sure, the girls and boy tried to make symmetrical versions of Mr. Potato, but Z wasn’t having any of it.  A rough  after-school return for me.  Topped with the great toy-box find involving Mr. Potato Head welcomed arguments, screaming, a little sip of wine ( from me ) and ultimate ping-pong ( longer letter later ).

Then, I cut the brie with the red knife.  All went well until she saw the purple knife.  In three-year-old, cheese cut with the purple knife is far superior to the cheese cut with the red knife.  Screaming ensued.  It’s just one of those things.  One of those bells that now and then rings.
mint and tot

Brent played a whole lotta Doris Day this evening.  We finished our lamb leg roast as curry.  The kids loved it.  I wasn’t so pleased.  Sort of a “Blues Clues” of meals.  Where the kids love it and I think it’s too sweet with not much dialogue.

The cows are happy.  The kids are happy.  The puppy is hungry. soon Lumi!!  He’ll have  a romp and a poo and be done.  The kids will be clean, homework done and ready for tomorrow.  I will finish up the evening and  hopefully sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and some old Sherlock Holmes episode.  I will whisk the chocolate with my favorite balloon whisk with the black handle.  Should that be dirty, I’ll have a HUGE tantrum and use the one with the silver handle.  But is was just one of those things.

I’ll keep it original this time with an added bonus of tap dance!!

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