If There Is A Cure For This, I Don’t Want It

a place to rest your wine

I’m sick today.  Je suis malade.  I’m not all that sick.  I can still do stuff, but I prefer not to do the regularly scheduled stuff.  I should be learning how to move the cows.  I should be getting ahead on operation Laundry.  I should be learning French.  I should be getting the kitchen reset for this evening’s snack and dinner.  I’m  sick.  Let’s do something different.

Let’s enjoy the sun.
a barn cat and a stud

Let’s ride a bike.


Let’s paint that room, I’ve been meaning to paint for three years.

z helpsWith some spirited help.

This room took thirty plus years to get that Gascon brown patina.  I loves me some Gascon brown.   And here, in one brush stroke, I wiped it all away.  I feel refreshed.  We are trying to make a happy path for customers who visit the farm.  We get a lot of traffic in the kitchen and in “the mess” ( where we eat ).  Then the path to the bathroom for those who travel to buy beef.

I have a bit more to do this evening.  I’ll finish, darn it.  Don-choo worry.  Then I’ll have some hot chocolate, some Sherlock and collapse.  This is fun.  This life suits me well.  I don’t need much.  If there is a cure for this, I don’t want it.


6 thoughts on “If There Is A Cure For This, I Don’t Want It

  1. Gladys says:

    I hope you have some projects in mind for us while we are there in August!! Of course entertaining the kidz is a top priority:)

    • Jean Curtis says:

      GIRL, don-choo worry. I have many projects. Pick your interest. I can’t wait! Though, playing with the children is project number one!

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