Votre Leçon Française Aujourd’hui


Your French lesson today: When I say “your” I mean me.

I rely heavily on context, nouns, verbs and body language to have a conversation.  But, there are these little words and phrases I let slip by as white noise.  I’m not sure what they said, but I know they “want to buy beef.”  Or “they think she will come soon,” but their face says they aren’t sure.

Things I hear and now know how to spell:

“je crois” == I think

“quand meme” == anyway

“alors” == then ( but I think people say it because it sounds good.   )

“mais bon” == okay, I’m done trying to understand you and I will make my way out the door.

“le temps c’est de la merde” == the weather is shit


In our ( my ) last French lesson, I said that “brown” was “poo finger.”  Thankfully, I know a person from France who corrected my error.  As much as I want “brown” to be “poo finger,” sadly, this is not correct.  The color brown/green is “caca d’oie.”  To my not-so-great French, this is “goose poo.”  Not quite “poo finger,” but still wonderful imagery.  We’ll get to the bottom of this.

*fancy ‘c’ curtesy of google translate



Beef Day!


We still have a few customers to arrive to pick up their mince and veal. It’s been an animated day juggling our regularly scheduled program along with greeting customers with their yummy goods.  This is the fun part.  We did a new thing with the veal. We made veal burgers. Oh and they were lovely. I think we might do that again.

beef left veal right

If you try them side-by-side, one is “beefy yum” and the other “interesting and a bit beefy or what?” I really liked it. There could be some magic there with veal burgers.  The flavors are unfamiliar so really the burger could go many ways.  I’m excited to play with it.


The Popper Box

( by Otto Curtis )


Here is the popper box.

The Popper Box

1.First you get a big box, after you do that prepare a box of prizes, then you put a thick blanket in the box, and when it’s done get four blocks and two balls, put them in a spot in the box, then pop a few holes in the box, make a big hole in it, put a big sheet over the box and there is your popper box.

inside the Popper Box
2.Go inside it put the four blocks in your hand, then when someone puts money in it pop out of the sheet and say “take your shots,” then take the two balls and say again “knock down the balls,“ then if she wins let her pick a prize but if she loses just say “to bad try again next time “ and there you go.

The Prizes

The Grass Is Often Greener

the reel

This is our reel.  It is the temporary front fence for each move.  Brent lays it out and charges it before he moves the herd.  He also does a buffer should there be any issue.  We are belt and suspender folk.

greener grass

This is a calf eating under that front fence.

under the wire

Oh and one of the bulls eating under the front fence.

I don’t like the under-the-fence eaters.  Sure, I get you, the grass *is* greener, but you might knock that fence.  We’ve had some front fence pressure in the last few days.  It may be the naiveté of the calves what with their longer horns and bigger frame.  The calves could quite comfortably walk under the front fence and back without issue, but they are bigger now.  They are almost one and ready to move on.  The fence is hot.  The calves have learned.  The bulls have settled rank.  The herd seems a herd again.  Though we keep close attention to the greener-grass bovines.


As they say, “What would Peter Hernandez do?”  This might be his response to eating under the wire:


Calf i: Can’t I  just stay here?

Me: No.

Calf i:  Spend the rest of my days here?

Me: No.  You’ll break the front temp fence.

Calf i: Oooh!



Early Morning Cow Move

a bit frosty

It was a bit brisk this morning.  The cows are munching the grass with a little frost on it.  Yesterday was a bit animated.  It started with the Seahawks heading to the superbowl, Brent loaded two cows onto the truck, kids off to school.  When the sun rose, there was some fence debugging, some tricky cow maneuvering, Leftie got some unwanted attention,  a gate broken ( bad cows ), a reel broken, a long walk with the water bowl and the iron-man-salt-lick carry.  Then ended with more hay moving, another gate broken ( bad Brent ) followed by our typical evening kid routine.  On this morning, it was calm.


The moon was out.

new fence

The new orchard fence is looking lovely.

lake and hay

The lakes are full.

Time to roll out the hay.

preparing to unwrap

Brent rips the haynet and unwraps it a bit.

net removal

The hay has a lovely smell.


Then he rolls with it.

patient cow

The cows wait patiently. Moo.

moving cows

Then the heptagons appear and they all walk through.


Brent inspects the cows.  We think about our next beef sale.  All that is left behind is a nicely worked pasture and a steaming pile of poo.  A sweet spot for fertility.

steaming pile of poo


bull curls

Brent took this photo this morning of Richter.  Richter is one of our bulls.  He’s very sweet and is getting along with the ladies since he was introduced to the herd a couple of days ago.  I thought his curls would make a good texture for my desktop.  Not to mention his hunky magnetism wooing the ladies with that teenage heartthrob mop top ( think your Kirk Camerons your Leif Garrets, yeow-chooka-yeow-yeow ).
one of the bulls

He’s a bit of a snug.
take a whiff

Here he is sniffing Blackie Onassis.  She’s hot.


And a family man, the calves love him.