It’s Rainy, It’s Sunny, It’s Thundery

z on  a tire

Today began with stars in the wee hours of the morning.  Or was that yesterday.  Then it rained when it was not supposed to rain.  I took a big dump.  Which took longer than expected because hay net and old fencing with wire stick like teens on facebook.  Then I sat on my arse, for a minute.  Which I don’t do often, but when puppies and children run around, I can’t help myself.  I love to watch others giggle and enjoy their environment.  Add warm sun, a small glass of wine, a small cold, a dash of stress and I am in absolute Little Book of Calm.

Float: Float in a swimming pool, a float tank, or even a bathtub, and weightlessly feel your tensions dissolve.


It’s a Wednesday and the kids are home and the cows are munching. Oh and I love this. I love the irrational sibling screaming. It’s like level eleven of video game X challenging your ability to make something simple like “lunch,” accommodating five simple requests with slight tweaks ( or squeals ) and expected personal communication. Sorry, I do not provide that level of service. We run a “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” regime. You will not starve.


Meanwhile, our neighbour “Cookie” is branching out. She loves to climb on branches should a silly puppy pursue her fluffy tail.  She likes to fluff that tail, Cookie.otto helps z


Otto helps Z down from the hay bale.  Z has grand plans, but still needs a little help from big bro from time-to-time.

These images are so sunny.  Not two minutes later was Minty explaining something about lightening and loud noise.  Just as Brent and Lulu were suiting up for some fencing practice, the lightening struck.  Thankfully, we have a piste or two that rests away from crazy weather conditions.


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