Oh Mercredi!



No French lesson tomorrow because it’s BEEF DAY!!  We’re doing “Steak Box Plus” boxes, which I list in my spreadsheet as “Bum Box.”  We are trying new ways of offering beef to those beefeaters out there.  This round, we minced the front and steaked the rear.  The rear has all the best cuts, you see.  We tried this out with one animal with wonderful reviews.  We sold out quickly.  Yeah!  And we are filling up our next offering.  So, tomorrow, no French lesson … we pack beef boxes.

I learn a lot of interesting French expressions from my children.  I have a running list of French phrases they say that crack me up ( Maximette le cacahuète qui pète ).  Today, I will share one that Lucy told me about.


This is helpful because often when things do not go to plan as they often do ( see raising grassfed beef in France ), you say “Merde!”  Which is not very nice.  Now, I use horrible language in English, I’m naturally drawn to it … must be all the 80’s rap I grew up on.  West Coast against the East Coast.  The swearing was so rampid ( yes, that was “rampant” in rap ), your swear receptors were overwhelmed and turned off.  Now with all these children, I try ( and fail ) to not use such horrible language.  I use “Fuck” … er I mean “Firetruck” ( thanks Michael ).  I say, “Shoot.”  I say “Fucking Fuck!”  blah!  no I sigh instead.  Okay, so I have some work to do there.  In French, in turns out, they too have alternative words to use to express what they really mean.  So if you want to say “Merde!” you can say “MERcredi.”  I know I will use this often.  I would like to build some good habits as I learn another language.

Now I was going to follow up with some Public Enemy, but Brent found this gem the other day.  No need to review my potty mouthed past, let’s begin again with some clean French chart toppers.  I order you to watch this from beginning to end.  You will smile, bop and perhaps learn some French that doesn’t include the word “Merde!”



Now I must investigate “C U Next Tuesday.”  I’m sure I was offended at some point and didn’t even know it ( thanks for that, Gary ).

3 thoughts on “Oh Mercredi!

  1. mimiswardrobe says:

    I picked up a “gros mot” from my kids, which of course is permissible for them to say, but not an adult. Go figure! I thought the word “déguelasse” was so perfectly descriptive, but my kids always told me I wasn’t allowed to say it. 😦 When they were young teens and would come home with questionable words, we had a friend named Gautier whom we would ask if he would say that word to his grandmother. If not, it was verboten at our house. The kids got really tired of Gautier’s grandmother!

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