Boy Unexpected

cow move

We thought they might come early.   “Large Marge” is oh so fertile.  A ‘J’ boy  he might be Jegun, he might be Jesus … our ‘J’ names have suddenly alt-tabbed their way to importance.  He is tagged and castrated ( nice tag work, Gary! Next time the balls? ).  Despite my husband’s cold/flu deal, that youngun was sorted.  It’s tough with Salers,  If you don’t catch them the first day, it may be too late..  I can’t believe we are here already.  Are we here?  With the calves?  Our ‘i’ calves are still so young.  Little, silly babies.  No, we are here.  Our Gremlin bubs will arrive soon.  Little Jesus is proof.  ( yes, yes I  know …. no Jesus.  Jagger?  Jimmy Ricard? )


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