A Cow With A Cunning Plan

This is cow 12 eating under the wire.  She is a nice cow and has given us two great calves.  She has developed a bad habit.  She systematically munches all the grass under the wire.  After Brent lets the cows  through to a new slice of grass, she heads straight for the temporary fence and begins her routine.

Here she is about to finish a unit.  She munches until she arrives at that white post to her left.

 eating under the wire

She gets up and walks to the other side of the post.

eating under the wire

Left leg down.

eating under the wire

Right leg down.

eating under the wire

And munch.  She walks along in this position until she arrives at the next white post.  Butt in the air.  Never getting zapped.

eating under the wire

She’s only started the “kneel” position.  I’m pretty certain she learned it of Blackie Onassis, our greatest under the wire muncher.  The two of them munch together often.
blackie onassis and 12

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