How To Not Shock Your Husband In One Easy Lesson


This is the starting position for when we roll the temporary wire out.  This temp fence keeps the herd munching where Brent wants them to munch.  When the metal hook is on plastic, there’s nothing shocking going on.  The temp wire gets rolled out, the step-in posts are pushed in and threaded with the dead wire.

After all the song and dance, it’s lights-camera-action and the hook is placed on the wire.  Hook + wire == hot, cow-no-go-there fence action.  Sometimes, not very often, the cows are naughty and we need to do a little maneuver.  I hold the hook-handle deal away from Mr. Hot Wire while Brent repairs what needs to be repaired.  As long as you keep Mr. Hook away from Mr. Hot Wire, your husband will not yell words you’ve never heard before directly and vehemently at you reaching deep into your soul and he means it and he will not be sorry.  No he only does that if you accidentally, for a brief nano-second let Mr. Hook and Mr. Hot Wire briefly exchange emails.   Then, things are not so good.  But it is very quickly understood, once the words complete and the broken reel that was tossed meters up in the air has been recovered, the fix has been fixed and the cows are happy that a  lesson has been learned.   You will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.


Thankfully, on this day, it was a simple move.  The wire-obscenity incident was a long time ago.  At last, I brought my camera out to the field for a few snaps and reminisced of those crazy times when I accidentally zapped my husband.

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