The Joys Of A Hammock


There are times when I feel like I am living The Little Book of Calm. It is gorgeous outside. A bit chilly, but sunny. If you stay out of the wind, it’s almost hot. I think I spotted a fly.


Otto wanted to build and hang a hammock. To me, this means “old sheet” and “two, very close trees.” Of course, when one Curtis child builds a hammock, the other three follow suit.


I suppose I should arrange and plan an “outdoor activity,” but no, this is how we roll. The kids come up with ideas and we try to unblock them. When the sun shines and the wind blows and lunch is over and everyone’s room has been inspected, it’s time to lay the day away in a home-made hammock. With a book and some chocolate from your little sister.


of course, the pups are right there making sure all hammock hanging is free of calories. Cuz, you never know. Sometimes, hammocks leak calories.

Tosca is especially talented with the caloric hammock find. Gold medal winner, five years running.


And so, my entry for the first edition of The Little Book Of Calm, France:

Make A Hammock From An Old Towel

Find two trees. Hang an old towel. Lay in it. Smell the air. Feel the warm sun. With each breath, you will feel calm.

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