Love Isn’t Always On Time

Amazing “Nostalgie” song today.  There are two radio stations set in the car that, if on, you must listen to.  “Nostaglie” and “V.D.A.”  which is an acronym for V-mumble, D-mumble, Armagnac.  Donchoo flip to Fun Radio, no, no.  You must sit through these beauties and enjoy.  Today, after a quick jaunt to the shops, this bad boy came on.  I kept rehearsing the chorus in my head so I could make Brent feel my pain.  I often forget the power ballads.

I arrived home, things were good, I was ready to spread the joy and Brent distracted me with “Dr. Feel Good” by M. J. Brown.  Doh!  Song forgotten.  So I tried to remember the chorus.  Was it “Love didn’t arrive?”  or  “Love can be too late?” or no! it was “Love IS too late!” Damn it! or “Love should have come round, but for whatever reason was a no-show.”  Or Brent’s “Love has variable timing”  What was it?!?!?  Then after a brief listen to Def Leppard’s “Love Bites,”  I remembered!  Love isn’t always on time!!

There is a heifer on heat today ( and yesterday ) and she probably should be knocked up by now.  And with this song, I was thinking, “you know, sometimes, love isn’t always on time.”



4 thoughts on “Love Isn’t Always On Time

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Heh. exactly, aaah! Toto! I had no idea it was Toto until I looked it up. I’m surprised my girl ears could register the frequency.

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