Today In Farmville


It seems our calves are arriving earlier than expected.  Gremlin the bull was a busy boy.  For him, love was almost always on time and apparently a bit early.


Gremlin calves are cute, but mostly they frown.  Unlike the cute little lamb that smiles at the Farmy in the USA.

( photo by Celi of )


Here is some lucerne growing.  It’s looking great!


And as we were looking at the lucerne field and the cattle pens, we hear a voice from the villa, “hey!  It looks like you have a new calf!”  ” It looks like it just popped out,” says friendly neighbor.  I took a moment to breath in that someone just yelled across a field to tell us about our new calf that was born on the farm.  I feel like I’m living in a pioneer novel.  How did I get here?  I love it.

Here’s the new calf a milkin’.   He was a big calf.  This is Junkyard.


And here is a farmer a zappin’ … not by me this time.  Brent had to adjust the fence a bit.  whoops.


Dude, that’s gotta hurt.


This is little Jailbait snoozing.  It’s a ‘j’ year. Feel free to add some ‘j’ names.


Every cow in France must have a unique number and a name.  The name doesn’t have to be unique.  We have two cows named Framboise.  When we started the herd, we brought in  cows that we didn’t name.  You can see where the farmer who named them gave up.  One is named Vache ( that is “cow” in French ).  We have another named Peste ( which is “plague” or “nuisance” ).  She’s actually a sweet cow.  Brent refers to her as “old cow 78.”  She does well on the farm.


This is Junkyard a few hours old and doing well with mum.


The mums seem to be arranging playdates.


This is the view from where the cows are grazing.  We can wave and say, “Hi.”


Tosca snuck out between rain showers to grab a cuddle.


10 thoughts on “Today In Farmville

  1. Laura says:

    The first name that came to me was Justin-time, followed by jujubes and Jughead. Then for double scattergories points Jar Jar Binks!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      You know, we have three out of four of those names on the list! Jujubes will be added. We had to do Jar Jar to complement Jabba, Jango Fett ( thanks Fiona ), Jedi Master and if we want to stretch it a bit Jabbawockeez and Joda ( a little Dutch extension )

  2. cecilia says:

    Love your house.. and adore the little calves with their teensy weensy frowns.. J names.. I suppose you have a Junta already. And a Jonquil and a Junebug and a Jesse James. I am so deeply unoriginal. Thank you for popping Marcel in.. c

    On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 10:08 AM, Brat Like Me

    • Jean Curtis says:

      The house looks great from a distant land. In reality, it’s COLD and MESSY, but it’s home.

      Jesse James … Jessie J. Some more fuel for the brainstorm.

      I have never seen a lamb smile like Marcel. Totally amazing.

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