How To Not Shock Your Husband In One Easy Lesson


This is the starting position for when we roll the temporary wire out.  This temp fence keeps the herd munching where Brent wants them to munch.  When the metal hook is on plastic, there’s nothing shocking going on.  The temp wire gets rolled out, the step-in posts are pushed in and threaded with the dead wire.

After all the song and dance, it’s lights-camera-action and the hook is placed on the wire.  Hook + wire == hot, cow-no-go-there fence action.  Sometimes, not very often, the cows are naughty and we need to do a little maneuver.  I hold the hook-handle deal away from Mr. Hot Wire while Brent repairs what needs to be repaired.  As long as you keep Mr. Hook away from Mr. Hot Wire, your husband will not yell words you’ve never heard before directly and vehemently at you reaching deep into your soul and he means it and he will not be sorry.  No he only does that if you accidentally, for a brief nano-second let Mr. Hook and Mr. Hot Wire briefly exchange emails.   Then, things are not so good.  But it is very quickly understood, once the words complete and the broken reel that was tossed meters up in the air has been recovered, the fix has been fixed and the cows are happy that a  lesson has been learned.   You will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.


Thankfully, on this day, it was a simple move.  The wire-obscenity incident was a long time ago.  At last, I brought my camera out to the field for a few snaps and reminisced of those crazy times when I accidentally zapped my husband.

Fun For A Boy Or A Big Boy

otto cooking his army food

Brent aged last weekend.  And just like cheese or wine or beef, he’s that much better.  For the first time in years, I actually invited a few people over the age of ten over for – how you say – fun.  Fun is a nice thing to add to your life.  I forget about it sometimes.  There is so much to do, so much that we’ve not done but should do, like now, Mercredi, we’re late.  So with an invite sent, we had to follow through.  I’m glad we did.  Now I’m feeling a few gatherings coming on in the future.  Someday, I’d like to BBQ an entire cow ( or small entire cow ).  Except the filet …. that should be done on the side…. oh and the faux filet … okay maybe some more planning.
We had a great evening of munchies, giggles and drinks. The only regret is that I didn’t keep true to form. Typical Brent birthday parties involve the simple things. A hearty “bean slop,” no fancy frills or candles and some nice wine. I woke up at like 2am in a sweat, “the bean slop!!!”  Why did I bother with the horses ovaries ( hors d’oeuvres ), one simple dish to rule them all.

combat ration

There’s always a lot of action here in February.  The birthdays, the valentines days, the sick days.  There’s never a dull moment in February.  One of our guests brought over a great gift, one for Otto and one for Brent.  A meal for a soldier.  This is not like Astronaut Ice Cream™.  This is the real deal.  

shrimp 'n' sauce


Otto couldn’t wait to tuck in.  He loved that he had his own food, but more interesting for him was that he also had the tools to cook it.  He had his own box of matches!  And he’s not afraid to light them!  … safely. And a little cooker! And a handle as to not burn your fingers! Brent was equally excited. So were the rest of the boys – ahem – men.

heater upprer


I think this is one full day of food for a soldier, but Otto has managed to stretch it out over a few days.



He had cacao last night.  This morning, coffee.

The beauty of this pack is that when given to you, you feel empowered. You can go anywhere and feed yourself.

Otto is outside in the dark right now eating Brent’s lamb stew and toasting marshmallows. Perhaps it’s time to send Otto off to a remote part of the farm and he can spend the night with his ration and sleeping bag. ( and a talkie walkie for mom ).


Okay, so the marshmallow was supplied by the common farm folk he happened to be stationed by, but the rest of the ingredients are absolute, Nato approved, S’mores-ville.

This One Goes Out To All The Grass That’s Growing

puppy charge and green grass


I smell Spring.  It’s sunny and rainy today.  I stood outside chatting in the rain not bothered by the wind because it wasn’t that cold.  It’s been crazy days, but a walk outside in the evening when the sun is still on, warms my heart.  And I took photos of grass.  Oh, yeah, I suppose there were some subjects in there, but the real truth is that Colorado is growing!  Soon, it will be ready for the bovines.  In the meantime, Brent squats for a puppy-charge.

puppy charge and green grass

puppy charge and green grass

puppy charge and green grass


That pup never lets you down.  I think he’s getting faster.

The cows are in and loving the sun.  They frolic a bit in the sun.  I hate bovine frolic.  “Stop this levity!” as my ballet teacher used to say.

puppy charge and green grass


The grass is growing.  The puppy is shedding his puppy fur.  Oh it’s still there, but it won’t be long before his stud-fur arrives.



puppy charge and green grass


Brent and Lumi show the grass growth.  Boots and paws deep, a dry week, I think we’ll see some good progress.

puppy charge and green grass

A Cow With A Cunning Plan

This is cow 12 eating under the wire.  She is a nice cow and has given us two great calves.  She has developed a bad habit.  She systematically munches all the grass under the wire.  After Brent lets the cows  through to a new slice of grass, she heads straight for the temporary fence and begins her routine.

Here she is about to finish a unit.  She munches until she arrives at that white post to her left.

 eating under the wire

She gets up and walks to the other side of the post.

eating under the wire

Left leg down.

eating under the wire

Right leg down.

eating under the wire

And munch.  She walks along in this position until she arrives at the next white post.  Butt in the air.  Never getting zapped.

eating under the wire

She’s only started the “kneel” position.  I’m pretty certain she learned it of Blackie Onassis, our greatest under the wire muncher.  The two of them munch together often.
blackie onassis and 12

Boy Unexpected

cow move

We thought they might come early.   “Large Marge” is oh so fertile.  A ‘J’ boy  he might be Jegun, he might be Jesus … our ‘J’ names have suddenly alt-tabbed their way to importance.  He is tagged and castrated ( nice tag work, Gary! Next time the balls? ).  Despite my husband’s cold/flu deal, that youngun was sorted.  It’s tough with Salers,  If you don’t catch them the first day, it may be too late..  I can’t believe we are here already.  Are we here?  With the calves?  Our ‘i’ calves are still so young.  Little, silly babies.  No, we are here.  Our Gremlin bubs will arrive soon.  Little Jesus is proof.  ( yes, yes I  know …. no Jesus.  Jagger?  Jimmy Ricard? )


He’s Calmy, He’s Spazzy

more ears


Lumi is making progress with how to lay around the house.  Tosca shows him the way.  He’s always near the people.  Such a good pup.  Though, after he has his tea ( that’s “meal” in British ), he wants to run around like an idiot.

lumi has an idea


On this day, it was sunny.  He loves to charge Tosca.  Tosca ignores him as she continues to search for calories.  Sometimes tires have calories.

lumi runs

lumi plays


It’s exciting to receive a puppy charge.  He bolts straight for you, stops for a pat, rolls on his back and goes long for another pass.



His ears are expressive.  I think he’ll grow into them.

z and l