A Cow With A Cunning Plan

This is cow 12 eating under the wire.  She is a nice cow and has given us two great calves.  She has developed a bad habit.  She systematically munches all the grass under the wire.  After Brent lets the cows  through to a new slice of grass, she heads straight for the temporary fence and begins her routine.

Here she is about to finish a unit.  She munches until she arrives at that white post to her left.

 eating under the wire

She gets up and walks to the other side of the post.

eating under the wire

Left leg down.

eating under the wire

Right leg down.

eating under the wire

And munch.  She walks along in this position until she arrives at the next white post.  Butt in the air.  Never getting zapped.

eating under the wire

She’s only started the “kneel” position.  I’m pretty certain she learned it of Blackie Onassis, our greatest under the wire muncher.  The two of them munch together often.
blackie onassis and 12

Boy Unexpected

cow move

We thought they might come early.   “Large Marge” is oh so fertile.  A ‘J’ boy  he might be Jegun, he might be Jesus … our ‘J’ names have suddenly alt-tabbed their way to importance.  He is tagged and castrated ( nice tag work, Gary! Next time the balls? ).  Despite my husband’s cold/flu deal, that youngun was sorted.  It’s tough with Salers,  If you don’t catch them the first day, it may be too late..  I can’t believe we are here already.  Are we here?  With the calves?  Our ‘i’ calves are still so young.  Little, silly babies.  No, we are here.  Our Gremlin bubs will arrive soon.  Little Jesus is proof.  ( yes, yes I  know …. no Jesus.  Jagger?  Jimmy Ricard? )


He’s Calmy, He’s Spazzy

more ears


Lumi is making progress with how to lay around the house.  Tosca shows him the way.  He’s always near the people.  Such a good pup.  Though, after he has his tea ( that’s “meal” in British ), he wants to run around like an idiot.

lumi has an idea


On this day, it was sunny.  He loves to charge Tosca.  Tosca ignores him as she continues to search for calories.  Sometimes tires have calories.

lumi runs

lumi plays


It’s exciting to receive a puppy charge.  He bolts straight for you, stops for a pat, rolls on his back and goes long for another pass.



His ears are expressive.  I think he’ll grow into them.

z and l

Oh Mercredi!



No French lesson tomorrow because it’s BEEF DAY!!  We’re doing “Steak Box Plus” boxes, which I list in my spreadsheet as “Bum Box.”  We are trying new ways of offering beef to those beefeaters out there.  This round, we minced the front and steaked the rear.  The rear has all the best cuts, you see.  We tried this out with one animal with wonderful reviews.  We sold out quickly.  Yeah!  And we are filling up our next offering.  So, tomorrow, no French lesson … we pack beef boxes.

I learn a lot of interesting French expressions from my children.  I have a running list of French phrases they say that crack me up ( Maximette le cacahuète qui pète ).  Today, I will share one that Lucy told me about.


This is helpful because often when things do not go to plan as they often do ( see raising grassfed beef in France ), you say “Merde!”  Which is not very nice.  Now, I use horrible language in English, I’m naturally drawn to it … must be all the 80’s rap I grew up on.  West Coast against the East Coast.  The swearing was so rampid ( yes, that was “rampant” in rap ), your swear receptors were overwhelmed and turned off.  Now with all these children, I try ( and fail ) to not use such horrible language.  I use “Fuck” … er I mean “Firetruck” ( thanks Michael ).  I say, “Shoot.”  I say “Fucking Fuck!”  blah!  no I sigh instead.  Okay, so I have some work to do there.  In French, in turns out, they too have alternative words to use to express what they really mean.  So if you want to say “Merde!” you can say “MERcredi.”  I know I will use this often.  I would like to build some good habits as I learn another language.

Now I was going to follow up with some Public Enemy, but Brent found this gem the other day.  No need to review my potty mouthed past, let’s begin again with some clean French chart toppers.  I order you to watch this from beginning to end.  You will smile, bop and perhaps learn some French that doesn’t include the word “Merde!”



Now I must investigate “C U Next Tuesday.”  I’m sure I was offended at some point and didn’t even know it ( thanks for that, Gary ).

It’s Rainy, It’s Sunny, It’s Thundery

z on  a tire

Today began with stars in the wee hours of the morning.  Or was that yesterday.  Then it rained when it was not supposed to rain.  I took a big dump.  Which took longer than expected because hay net and old fencing with wire stick like teens on facebook.  Then I sat on my arse, for a minute.  Which I don’t do often, but when puppies and children run around, I can’t help myself.  I love to watch others giggle and enjoy their environment.  Add warm sun, a small glass of wine, a small cold, a dash of stress and I am in absolute Little Book of Calm.

Float: Float in a swimming pool, a float tank, or even a bathtub, and weightlessly feel your tensions dissolve.


It’s a Wednesday and the kids are home and the cows are munching. Oh and I love this. I love the irrational sibling screaming. It’s like level eleven of video game X challenging your ability to make something simple like “lunch,” accommodating five simple requests with slight tweaks ( or squeals ) and expected personal communication. Sorry, I do not provide that level of service. We run a “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” regime. You will not starve.


Meanwhile, our neighbour “Cookie” is branching out. She loves to climb on branches should a silly puppy pursue her fluffy tail.  She likes to fluff that tail, Cookie.otto helps z


Otto helps Z down from the hay bale.  Z has grand plans, but still needs a little help from big bro from time-to-time.

These images are so sunny.  Not two minutes later was Minty explaining something about lightening and loud noise.  Just as Brent and Lulu were suiting up for some fencing practice, the lightening struck.  Thankfully, we have a piste or two that rests away from crazy weather conditions.


Our Pup Nappeth Over

pupple butt


Another collar adjustment today.  He’s growing so fast.  He is doing well with “sit” and “stay” and “down.”  And a bit too excited with “hey! a chicken!”  and ” hey! a cat!” and “hey! neighbor’s kitten dish!” ( so sorry, neighbors ).

February Second, A Superfecta!

them there eyes
February second, 2014 was a day of wonderment.  Otto, our only boy, is nine!  It’s Groundhog day!  It’s crêpe and cider day in France!  The Seahawks won the Superbowl!  Disco!




It was a busy weekend.  It can be a bit challenging being the douzième homme.  We did our best.



We raised that boy to nine thus far.  Tosca and Lumi, our closest resembling groundhogs,  looked for their shadow and saw nothing.  We ate les crêpes. And we tried oh so hard to stay up for the French coverage of Le SuperBowl ( say, “sue-pear-bohl” ), but fell asleep.  Here’s hoping for a rerun.  I hear the first twelve minutes were exciting.