Practical Life: Eggs Pierced With A Sharp Needle Gently Chucked in Rapidly Boiling Water

As much as I would love to plan an activity for the children,  I mostly ignore and unblock.  I feel like I was raised this way.   I feel like I was mostly left to myself, encouraged and unblocked.  Thank you, Mom!  And look how I turned out.  Crazy farmer’s wife herding cattle, selling beef, raising four kids with my husband in France.  Not so bad, really.  Or should I have been a banker?  I don’t know.  But I do know that three minutes and fifty-four seconds of Bruno Mars and my three-year-old dancing in the kitchen … sorry … jumping in the kitchen will support the non-banker option.  OOO!

DSC_3301Lucy pierced the blunt side of the egg with a super, sharp needle.  After, she gently lowered the beauties with a slotted spoon in boiling water.  There they rest for six minutes.  This was “goûter.”   A snack before dinner.  Her idea.  I helped a bit with the needle, but not that much because my thumb is swollen from a knife puncture trying to recover a kite in a little tin box that wasn’t there.

And on to the Zélie bounce …

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