Tout à Coup



(photo by K. G. )

“All of a sudden” is a great phrase to know.  This week in French, I learned some new phrases.  Phrases that people say, but they don’t teach you in French class.

“Grasse-matinée,” a fat morning was fun.  This came up because the kids are on vacation.  In England, they call it a “lay in” or “lie in”  ( I’ll let you work out the correct google terminology ).  I was trying to convey the American equivalent, but came up short.  American’s don’t lay in much.  They get up and get to work.  But I do remember, back when I was a teen, I would “sleep in” during a week of vacation.  So perhaps, that would work.

I’m very happy to report that I no longer speak in the past tense when I mean the present tense.  Also, through crazy Lego video thingies, I stumbled upon this video about learning French which I found most amusing.

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