A Little Pre-season Baseball in France


Otto set up a baseball field in one of the paddocks ( California ‘t’ specifically ).  He has been reading Peanuts and is fascinated with baseball and “kick the can.”  Lucy played first base.  She looks great.  She needs a bit of warning when the batter hits the ball and heads to first base.  “LUCY!!”  seems to work.  Otherwise, her hair looks awesome in that hat.


The view from the pitcher’s mound was amazing.  Clear sky.  Warm.  Green.



Milkshake came out to man third and then wandered off to eat mice.



Otto has a talent for trash talking.  Not sure where he got that sh*&&t from.



Otto offered a French soldier helmet for protection.  That tennis ball can come in pretty fast, so it is important to regard one’s safety.



Our catcher was fairly grumpy, but did her job.  She was nursing an injury.  Sometimes a band-aid on the knee can give you an edge.



Despite her open flesh wound, she played catcher like a pro.



The cows were fat and fed and soon to be fed some more.



After a few innings, Brent had to move the bovines.  We cleaned up and had a little snack.



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