Cows Head For Water, The Play-By-Play


Oh it is SO LOVELY today.  I found a moment to sit down and watch the cows drink water.  They are pretty munch done with their current strip, so the water bowl is back where they started.  The cows happily walk to water once or maybe twice a day, then head back to the good grass to munch.  Above, is a small crew heading off for a quick drink.  That last cow ran to catch up.


Oh and here is another.  She, no wait, HE – it’s a steer – looks like he’s ready for a great slurp of water.


Wait, but look!  Another has joined him.  Ooo.  Incroyable! It’s getting very exciting.  Cows walking to water can be unpredictable.  Those two both walked.  They are getting into slurp mode.  Cows don’t “lap” water like a dog or a cat, no, they slurp.  They slurp water as though they were using a straw.  We could do that.  A big, twisty cow straw.  They would totally love that.  But we would need a few twisty cow straws as that herd has no patience when it comes to water bowls.


And hey!!!  One is coming back.  Oh she looks so refreshed.  Such hot, Spring sun.  I wonder when the rest will return.  I think I see them coming.


I dusted off those things you call “sunglasses”  and sat in the warm.  That was nice.  Now, it’s off to make dinner.

2 thoughts on “Cows Head For Water, The Play-By-Play

  1. cecilia says:

    You are an absolute joy.. lucky cows, ahem steers and cows.. I think the sun came out today all over the globe.. c

    On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 10:33 AM, Brat Like Me

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