Another Gorgeous Day In France



This has been a fabulous winter.  Sure, a bit of rain, but no snow!  And now we have sun!  And Brent says the grass grew an inch today!



The cows graze and ruminate and graze again.  They love sleeping in the sun.



Lumi is the color of limestone.  Pictured above, you will see a shadow and some eyes.  The rest is Golden Retriever, limstone edition.  He still gets dirty, but he can skip a bath or two.  No one will notice.



The kids are still on vacation.  France has a lot of vacation.  We love this.  We love it when the kids are running around, fighting, giggling, doing shows and making shit up.  The house is full of life.  Today, Otto walked very,very far away and had a picnic.  He packed some veal stew with rice, some carrots,  all the things needed to make some coffee and didn’t forget the chocolate.  He tweeted his way to a perfect picnic spot and set everything out.  Only then did he realize that he had forgotten the spoon!  Thankfully the girls were on their way by bicycle to check the mail and delivered a few cutlery options.  After, they all splashed away in the very cold river for hours.  “We are having so much fun, Mom!”  Lucy says on the talkie-walkie, “what time to you want us home?”  “Come home before dark,” I say.

2 thoughts on “Another Gorgeous Day In France

  1. Carolina says:

    I love that your kids are getting the best of both worlds. Outside, figuring out the fun, and a Mom and Dad who blog!
    My peanut left the farm for a week in suburbia with cousins. Cousins were good and appreciated, but her comment was, “The only thing we did outside everyday was walk to town and look in shops. It was kinda boring.”

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