Today’s Casualties


Brent’s tractor battery in “S.O.S” mode has been brought back to life.  The tractor, it runs.  And that’s my “women’s bathroom” silhouette.


Giraffe pillow and “pink banklet” matched with two green chairs had some sort of fun today, not sure what.


Two old Skoda tires were stacked, not sure why.


Peppa enjoyed the sun.  No doubt a puppy chew and judging by the tuft of fur on her dress, Tosca joined in as well.


This rolling thing was used today.  I’m sure there were giggles.


Things were built and displayed  for appreciation.


The cows are in and munching away.  I love this mode.  Today gave us a Teletubbie sun.  Yesterday, more heptagons.


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