Time To Mow The Lawn


The cows did a great job mowing Colorado.  A few twigs stand here and there, but that’s all fertility.  Brent stopped feeding hay a few weeks ago.  It’s all about grazing now.


A machine and man mowed this lawn.  It looks beautiful.  I need to mow our lawn.  If only we could bring the cows ’round for a spell.

A new calf was born today.  A great little guy from a lovely cow.  He’s the shiny black one there.  Brent had to wait a bit and a bit more before he could tag it.  The little guy was hungry.


I stood by as the electric fence switcher-offer.  This was my view.  Brent’s view was much more spectacular.  But I managed to work the afternoon chili.


The herd munched away while the little guy was getting used to his new surroundings.  When all was done, there was a water rush.  Not because they were thirsty.  No, because Brent pulled the back fence down.  Which could possibly mean food.  It turns out the food was the other way and the only thing interesting was water and we know how they love to take turns with the water dish.


They get a giant scratch post in this strip.  Oh how the herd loves a good scratch.


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