Evening Cow Move


Brent  moved the cows this evening.  He was going to do it tomorrow, but there is grass and we are finishing those steers.  The cows were totally cool.  They follow him calmly wherever he walks.  Sure if you have a cow or two following you … seems cool, but to have a herd of a mix of 0,1,2 and the rest-year-olds following you, it can be intimidating … if you are me ( it wasn’t me, but maybe me someday.  no, it was him and he wasn’t intimidated.  But look at those horns! ).  He wandered off to grab the water dish before he did the move.  I stood by the gate distracting them with jokes about chickens so they wouldn’t follow him.  They were a great audience.  That steer was snickering, “to get to the other side … ha!moo!  of course! good one!!”



Everyone went through nicely.  One mother cow showed the new calves the routine.



They munched away.  The sun began to set.  And then Glenda the Good Witch arrived with her daughter.



I helped with the water and failed.  I lost a doohickey.  Thankfully Brent corrected my ways and I learned something new about crazy water connectors.



I wore my best shoes for the occasion and stepped in some fresh merde.



Speaking of merde, this is old poo from the last (ish) graze.  Most of the pats have been splattered about by birds, chickens, worms or beetles.  This one wasn’t.



This is fresh poo. To you, poo.  To us, fertility and future grass density.



What I find interesting is the gorgeous grass that is left untouched when the cows run through.  To me, that looks fantastic!  Such green!  Such length!  To a cow, they smell something too fresh or too intense to munch.  You’ll notice everything else has been munched like a lawn mower.


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