Egg Without A Shell


Cage without a Ragondin.

… see also Coypu / Nutria / big ass rat

Sometimes, when you are after the rodents, you catch a cat or a chicken.  Silly GrayCute


Kids without school.

We are on the verge of Lord of the Flies.  Hold on to your pillows, your paper towels, your patience … they have hit eleven.


Book without a cat.

Fat Cat sat on a mat and she was so lovely. This book is on kid number four.  We still work hard finding the secret ducks.


Palombe without a nest.

Otto ran in demanding a camera.  I thought he wanted to take a photo of his “cake or death” stand.  No, he wanted to capture pigeons on the roof.


Egg without a shell.

Otto found this perfect egg without a shell.  It felt and looked like our very own gummy egg, but there was the whole egg thing inside.  And no glucose, so without salt and pepper, I can’t imagine this beauty being all that tasty.  We have been advised to give ‘er a poach.

Eyes Without A Face:

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