Some Kid Took My Little Book Of Calm

The kids are back at school.  The calves keep on coming and I thought I’d share some calming words from the little book, but it has vanished.  The Little Book of Calm usually rests on the old Armagnac box under my monitor between a “Jean Campbell” name plate and my red Swingline stapler.   When I went to reference it, it was gone.  Anytime things go missing in this house, we turn to Minty.  Minty always seems to know where all the things are.

We:  Minty, where is this [ insert anything … pen, important paperwork, tractor part, cow ]?

Minty:  Uh.  [ silence ] [ insincere confusion ] [ reset ] what?

We:  Minty, where is it?  Do you know?

Minty: No.

Cut to two hours or two days later when “thing” shows up.

I’ll ask her where the Little Book of Calm is this afternoon and see when it surfaces.  In the meantime ….

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