The Great Escrape


Brent bought this scraper dealio.  He’s now arrived at a moment to use it.  I remember him buying it.  I remember Kevin assembling it like a new Lego Battle Pack ( but a tad bit harder and a tad bit heavier ).  It sat for awhile, not because we didn’t love it.  No, because at last, we can scrape hay, poo, what have you across a field that needs that extra boost


Soon to follow will be seed broadcast with green broadcast machine.

With the pasture Brent was planning to seed, he worked it hard with the bovines.   They did a great job preparing the field.  After, Brent scraped the bits and bobs to make a fertile seeding ground.


More awesomely, we finally found Brent’s lost sunglasses.  They rested in Yukon for two years getting ready for the amazing seeding this year.  Two years looking for those babies and at last found.  Thankfully, the sun is on.

And then we did the great honey taste off.

Acacia, Bruyère, Bourdaine, Printemps

all different.  all local.  all, I wish you were here.


We are not only into local.  We are into local bacteria.  Honey seems to grab that life and make it work for all those folk who consume it.

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