Fat and Sunny



We moved the cows this afternoon.  This was their second move of the day.  Brent moves the herd two or three times a day depending on the grass, weather and other things.  Today was 29 C / 84 F ( according to my Skoda ).  We are giddy with warm.  As we approached the herd, they were chillin’ in the shade.  Or what shade they could find.  As you will notice, the leaves are not quite out yet.



Here is a steer profiting from the spring growth.



Here is some clover growing nicely to feed those cows.



Usually, when Brent arrives, the cows do a little “chow time” moo.  They get up.  They watch him build a fence.  They are very patient, those cows.  Today was different.  Not a single bovine budged.  Above, are two cows munching, but are paying no attention to the fact that Brent just took the wire down for their next section.



Still no cows as Brent pulls up the posts.  The two cows on the left actually went back to chill in the shade when the last temporary post was collected.



We left them like this.  A beautiful pasture to munch and they are too full and too comfortable to go munch.  I love this state in a cow.  Happy cows.



We walked off to look at the other paddocks.  It’s time to do some seeding.  The grass growth is amazing.

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