When Life Gives You Eggs

Girl On Grill Action


Make mousse.  I actually had to google, “how long do fresh eggs last?”  We’ve never had this backlog.  I love to make mousse because it uses the entire egg.  Yolks go with the chocolate, sweet bit.  The whites are whipped and give it texture.  Ice cream is wonderful, but you must make merengues.   It goes a little something like this :

1 bar of chocolate, cooking, noir, we used praline

80g of butter

— melty that

separate 4 eggs

whip the whites, add some sugar.  not much as your bar of chocolate is sweeter than you think

add the yolks to chocolate nirvana

foldy foldy

scoop into fancy mousse bowls

there it will set in the fridge until dinner


we tasted after three

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6 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Eggs

  1. Laura says:

    I’m thinking Goldenrod eggs….might even be a French recipe! Mom would make this occasionally. I affectionately called it golden rotten eggs😇

    • Jean Curtis says:

      oh yes, Eggs à la Goldenrod … no, seriously, I don’t remember these. A quick google says it’s from 1956 à la Mademoiselle Crocker. Quite an event. Mixing hard boiled whites with hot cream. I’m amazed our mom had the patience. Recipes like these scream desperate attempt to use these spring eggs before they go funny. I shall give ‘er a go.

      curious where “goldenrod” comes from. Is it a “Gold Medal” flour campaign?

      • Laura says:

        My guess is the yellow sprinkle on top reminds folks of the flower goldenrod? Btw…I had to watch the link to the staple clip..I love the office, but better yet was the ad for PooPourri that ran ahead if it….Omg so funny

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