Yes, Yes, Sun Again, But Hey! A Calf! No wait, Two!


Two more calves today. I love that they just pop out. The one above was tricky to tag. We are required to tag every animal on the farm. With Salers, you need to tag the calf on the first day. Otherwise, you will never catch them. I feel a rodeo event coming on.



The other calf was tagged easily.  Though, the little gal got lost in the bramble for the afternoon move.  Old Twistie, pictured above, is a great mum.  A calm mum.  A dedicated mum.  She helped Brent find where the calf was stuck.



Those blackberries need to go for this reason and many others.  A little calf can get stuck in all the shrub.  Brent opened up a hole for her to get out.  This would be easier with a tool, but he used his boot.  The calf came out.



He carried it out for Twistie to see.  She followed and joined the herd.



Oh the herd loves to smell and lick a new calf.



After the move, the calf, a few hours old, walked a long distance to get where all the hubbub was.


6 thoughts on “Yes, Yes, Sun Again, But Hey! A Calf! No wait, Two!

  1. cecilia says:

    Wonderful, very cool shot of brent carrying the calf, lucky she is a good mum, those horns look scary.. c

    On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 11:44 AM, Brat Like Me

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