Let Me Tell You A Secret About A Father’s Love


“Daddies don’t just love their children every now and then.” ( Aaron Barker, 1990 )

Brent put “Top 100 Country Songs” on the iPod. I have an iPod in the kitchen ( iPod did not sponsor this post. I would quite happily use a no-name USB stick from China. ). We play music in the kitchen and dance and sing and clean and cook. I’ve been listening to a wide range of country music and OH the lyrics. Some are hilarious, but most are sap written in a clever way, which make you laugh and cry at the same time. Magic. We have tissues in the kitchen. Country music is uniquely American. It is refreshing to understand American spirit through these lyrics and chord progressions.


I never knew I had such a connection to country music. One twang and I’m off with memories of BBQ and gatherings and Aunt Jean’s house. Boots, belt buckles, Uncle Harry’s car collection ( ten cars, but they are one ), the horse shoes, the pool games, the poker and country music. “Harry! Get me a Highball!”   All family and community. Us kids had a great time. We mostly avoided all that and ran around all silly-like eating chips and drinking Coke. This same feeling occurs here in France. Except for the poker and the horse shoes and the pool games and the country music. You are left with a community having a great time. Activities are secondary.


“Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love, A secret that my daddy said was just between us”

We are in the heat of this family and the heat of this farm. Kids are happy. Beef is tasty! Soon, the kids will be off as responsible, giving adults. Soon, this farm will be running smoothly.

“It is a love without end.”


and to snap you out of my Hallmark moment ( Hallmark did not sponsor this post either, I really should stop dropping names ) I bring you End, Amen “World In Decay”.  I’m sure they were also inspired by George Straight singing Aaron Barker’s “Love Without End, Amen”  Grass-fed beef, Deathrow Psychotic Waltz  … potato potato as they say.  We are all after health, happiness, self control and a great giggle. … or hair flap




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