Les Peeps Non!


Lucy painted her nails like little chicks. For me, they were little Peeps. Sadly, they don’t sell Peeps here in France. It’s a durn shame. For those not familiar with a Peep, it is a marshmallow treat specifically for Easter. Specifically for America. It comes in the shape of a little chick. Coated in sugar crystals dunked in yellow dye number 2 ( I presume ), the peep is an Easter staple.  The peep of Peeps have branched out to other colors and non-Peep shapes.  Zèlie has the pink version.

My children have no idea what a Peep is and that is sad.  Though, they are learning other traditions, like the giant chocolate egg with a surprise inside.  That is always a winner.  Whatever the vehicle, the kids enjoy Easter with many treats and egg hunts.





It’s just a shame they can’t gather ’round for the annual Peep jousting.  I’m sure we’ll find a French equivalent.


I can’t find a great Peep jousting video, but this will give you the idea …


2 thoughts on “Les Peeps Non!

  1. bizzyella says:

    Jean, I have seen Peeps in Paris. And I am in perennial need of humanely raised beef. Next year we should work something out. A good Peep joust is a wonderful thing. Peeps vs. shelled eggs? Even better.

  2. Jean Curtis says:

    I can’t believe it! Paris Peeps! How chic!

    We would love to drive out to Paris with beef! A local farmer friend of ours drives to Paris with her duck products. She has offered to bring up some of our beef as well. We’ll see how we can get that going. Right now, we go as far as Bordeaux. We will get beef to you someday soon.

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