The Magic Of The Black Glide Rocker

The black glide rocker sounds off that someone is going down.  A nap is near.  It is nudged by a little Top Clip music video after lunch.  Maybe some Professionals after dinner.  Or maybe a little jet-lag.  When the lever is pulled to ease the seat back, it does this “screech” sound.  Then, we know to keep quiet.



I LOVE modern furniture.  I don’t know why, but I love the style, the craftsmanship, the quality and the quirky yet semi-comfortable design.  Back in the Y-day, we collected some nice pieces.  As we were adding some chairs to our house in Seattle, Brent and I went to some sort of “oak barn” warehouse.  There, Brent spotted some glide rockers.  For me, the glide rocker is the “Croc” of furniture.  Ugly, gaudy, big and comfortable.  I absolutely hated it.  Brent, however, saw something.  He selected “Captain Kirk,” a poofy, cream colored, over-stuffed chair that rocked.  Okay, you go for it.  Knock yourself out.  BUT WAIT, if you have a chair that rocks, I will most certainly have rock envy, so we bought another, a black one with some glossy bent plywood deal.  A gateway to oakbarn furniture for those obsessed with their modern, overpriced cousins.  The glide rockers Rocked!  When we moved to France, we left Captain Kirk in Seattle and took the black one without a name.  And oh we miss the Captain.  Though, the black glide rocker without a name has supported our family in so many ways.


Like this guy photobombed by my daughter.




And this guy, cuddled by my other daughter.



And these guys, captured by hot chocolate ( with a dash of Armagnac )



And this dude, after a day of rugby.



And this lady, surrendering after a three day festival of Easter chocolate.



And this Nana, keeping up with her grandchildren.



And this farmer, keeping the siamese warm ( a full-time job ).



And this lady, who snoozes two minutes after dinner.  She’s not a night owl.




The black chair without a name has earned its keep and therefore a name.  How about Black Chair Without A Name. Or Sleepy-Bobo.  This chair certainly has the touch.

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2 thoughts on “The Magic Of The Black Glide Rocker

    • Jean Curtis says:

      oh non no no. no kunekune, I have enough trouble! Oh she looks cute, but OH she looks like she has spunk. But, yes, she could snooze quite well in the black chair if she can put up with puppy nibbles and screaming children.

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