A Little Piece of Americana



( photo by Laura Campbell )

I see my sister’s photos through some Apple sharing deal. Her beautiful kids, her gorgeous grandchildren, Easter fun and happy times are the typical roll I view. But when I went to see the latest snapshots, I came across a wiener. A wiener taller than my sister, who is tall. A wiener with a little tongue sticking out pouring ketchup on his big wiener head in a weird wiener way with an arresting wiener smirk and a squirty tube of mustard primed for who knows what. America has a large amount of large roadside attractions ( giant dinosaur, giant pineapple, giant Paul Bunyan … it goes on and on ), so I wasn’t shocked by the silly wiener so much as the name of the wiener stand.

I’m not sure if the schlong tale of the Bobbitt’s made it around Europe, but to name a hotdog stand “Bob’s Wiener” catch phrase “Bob*It TONIGHT” was truly amazing.  Evidently, they make a mean hand-dipped corn dog.  This, you can visit in Oregon.  And don’t forget to drink Coca-Cola!


( photo by Laura Campbell )


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