What A Cow!

We like to keep one herd to rule them all.  Occasionally, we have to pull a cow or two out for a bit and then put her back in.  When a cow is put back with the herd, there is a huge kerfuffle while the other bovines sort out where she lies in the hierarchy.  This does not happen with the boys.  It’s a girl thing.



Cow left is joining and cow right is already challenging her.  They look like two cows to you, but to me I see a duel.  En guarde. Prêt. Allez!




It’s on.   This is where I review my concrete recipe and hope the barriers hold. … they did.  Though, there was some wobble with the old barrier built back in the day with stiff-stuff and telegraph poles.  I think that project has bumped up in priority.



After a push, a shove and a hit with the horns, the new cow loses.  She is then paraded around the herd with her rank advertised.


This time, two cows pushed her along.  Facebook pages are updated, tweets are tweeted and the new cow falls inline with the herd defending her position.

One thought on “What A Cow!

  1. bizzyella says:

    Hi. Speaking of which, there was loose talk about you guys coming by — hey, I’m just up in the Vendee — and taking some pipe rail off my hands. I should have been in touch by now. The pipe rail is there all right, and is yours for the taking, but it is rusty and sunk into concrete. To me, that means it is more trouble than it is worth. If you guys think you might feel otherwise, let me know and I’ll email you a photo or maybe a video of the stuff.

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