The Inadequate Parent: Spring Vacation Edition



The kids are out of school running around the farm enjoying their Spring vacation.  We love it when the kids run around the farm and enjoy their life away from school, sport and anything organized.  Left without anything particular to do, they greet boredom with a huge list of things that would never crop up during their usual school day.  Our day has a basic Maslow’s structure with food, shelter, cleanliness and silly, happy rituals ( e.g. watching the Professionals after 8pm ), but the rest of the day is totally unplanned.

Four Young Children: I’m bored!

Inadequate Parent:  Go away and come back for dinner.

Otto: Mom, I’m holding a Decathlon.  I need some prizes.

With this, they invent.  Today, Otto has declared, is “Happy Complete Peanuts Day!”  He has been reading the “Complete Peanuts” series ( he goes quite quick with those books ).  So today, April 29th, we all had to dress up as a Peanuts character.  I was Peggy Jean ( extra points if you know the name of Peggy Jean’s boyfriend ).  As Peggy Jean, I turned away our dude-looking-for-metal visit.  Always turn away dudes looking for metal.  I stayed in character and did not smile.


Otto also held a decathlon.  He did five events today, with prizes.  Tomorrow he will do the remaining five events.  I tried to sneak “clean and mow the yard” into the events, but he knocked it down hard.  They threw the javelin.  They chucked the shot put.  They ran.  They jumped. They clapped and cheered for each other ( required ).  As the inadequate parent, I had nothing to do with this.  I was busy setting up our next beef sale, supporting my farmer man, making dinner, cleaning up, washing up, it really goes on and on.  I’m here to unblock their ideas.  I tied some shoes, I bought some chocolate prizes, Brent bought the track-and-field equipment awhile ago, we have a field.  It’s all there.  The only limitation is themselves.



peanuts day

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