The Magic Of The Black Glide Rocker

The black glide rocker sounds off that someone is going down.  A nap is near.  It is nudged by a little Top Clip music video after lunch.  Maybe some Professionals after dinner.  Or maybe a little jet-lag.  When the lever is pulled to ease the seat back, it does this “screech” sound.  Then, we know to keep quiet.



I LOVE modern furniture.  I don’t know why, but I love the style, the craftsmanship, the quality and the quirky yet semi-comfortable design.  Back in the Y-day, we collected some nice pieces.  As we were adding some chairs to our house in Seattle, Brent and I went to some sort of “oak barn” warehouse.  There, Brent spotted some glide rockers.  For me, the glide rocker is the “Croc” of furniture.  Ugly, gaudy, big and comfortable.  I absolutely hated it.  Brent, however, saw something.  He selected “Captain Kirk,” a poofy, cream colored, over-stuffed chair that rocked.  Okay, you go for it.  Knock yourself out.  BUT WAIT, if you have a chair that rocks, I will most certainly have rock envy, so we bought another, a black one with some glossy bent plywood deal.  A gateway to oakbarn furniture for those obsessed with their modern, overpriced cousins.  The glide rockers Rocked!  When we moved to France, we left Captain Kirk in Seattle and took the black one without a name.  And oh we miss the Captain.  Though, the black glide rocker without a name has supported our family in so many ways.


Like this guy photobombed by my daughter.




And this guy, cuddled by my other daughter.



And these guys, captured by hot chocolate ( with a dash of Armagnac )



And this dude, after a day of rugby.



And this lady, surrendering after a three day festival of Easter chocolate.



And this Nana, keeping up with her grandchildren.



And this farmer, keeping the siamese warm ( a full-time job ).



And this lady, who snoozes two minutes after dinner.  She’s not a night owl.




The black chair without a name has earned its keep and therefore a name.  How about Black Chair Without A Name. Or Sleepy-Bobo.  This chair certainly has the touch.


Les Peeps Non!


Lucy painted her nails like little chicks. For me, they were little Peeps. Sadly, they don’t sell Peeps here in France. It’s a durn shame. For those not familiar with a Peep, it is a marshmallow treat specifically for Easter. Specifically for America. It comes in the shape of a little chick. Coated in sugar crystals dunked in yellow dye number 2 ( I presume ), the peep is an Easter staple.  The peep of Peeps have branched out to other colors and non-Peep shapes.  Zèlie has the pink version.

My children have no idea what a Peep is and that is sad.  Though, they are learning other traditions, like the giant chocolate egg with a surprise inside.  That is always a winner.  Whatever the vehicle, the kids enjoy Easter with many treats and egg hunts.





It’s just a shame they can’t gather ’round for the annual Peep jousting.  I’m sure we’ll find a French equivalent.


I can’t find a great Peep jousting video, but this will give you the idea …


American Pancakes

Girl On Grill Action


It is necessary to provide the flavor of the American Pancake to our children.  They are American after all and we live in France.  Fluffy, bready, num-num covered in fake maple syrup is not common in the Gers.  So, we do our little part to keep on keeping on.

It all started when I saw Aunt Jemima winking at me.  When did Aunt Jemima arrive in France?  I’m like, “yeah!  my kids have no idea what this tastes like!”  and then I’m like, “I’ll bet in French they pronounce “Aunt Jemima” like “Aunt Jemima”  we need to act.


For the first time ever, I managed to get the baking powder right.  In America we have “double acting baking powder.”  Here you have “Levure Chimique.”  I’ve flattened most things on most occasions.  They sell baking powder in packets here in France.  So with this guy, I chucked in one packet per egg…

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Burger, Hold The Bun


Our kids LOVE the burgers.  Burgers are so quick and easy and yummy.  The weather here right now is sunny and inspiring, you can’t wait to fry up something outside.  Smell the lilacs.  Feel the breeze.  Make sure the herd is in.  Make sure the pupple is behaving.


We had a great time at a barbecue last Sunday.  Hamburgers and amazing salads were up for grabs.  The kids seem to love eating the hamburgers. These were proper hamburgers with buns and cheese and sauce. The bun is the magic.  I rarely bun because my buns need some work.  I have yet to make a proper hamburger bun.

Today, we had burgers without the bun. It all worked well. The flavor is there. The kids seem connected to that flavor.

Note to selfie, you cannot say “hamburger” to Zèlie. She will correct you sternly with the fact that there is no “ham” in “hamburgers.” Ham is a completely different dish. This here, is a burger.

Let Me Tell You A Secret About A Father’s Love


“Daddies don’t just love their children every now and then.” ( Aaron Barker, 1990 )

Brent put “Top 100 Country Songs” on the iPod. I have an iPod in the kitchen ( iPod did not sponsor this post. I would quite happily use a no-name USB stick from China. ). We play music in the kitchen and dance and sing and clean and cook. I’ve been listening to a wide range of country music and OH the lyrics. Some are hilarious, but most are sap written in a clever way, which make you laugh and cry at the same time. Magic. We have tissues in the kitchen. Country music is uniquely American. It is refreshing to understand American spirit through these lyrics and chord progressions.


I never knew I had such a connection to country music. One twang and I’m off with memories of BBQ and gatherings and Aunt Jean’s house. Boots, belt buckles, Uncle Harry’s car collection ( ten cars, but they are one ), the horse shoes, the pool games, the poker and country music. “Harry! Get me a Highball!”   All family and community. Us kids had a great time. We mostly avoided all that and ran around all silly-like eating chips and drinking Coke. This same feeling occurs here in France. Except for the poker and the horse shoes and the pool games and the country music. You are left with a community having a great time. Activities are secondary.


“Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love, A secret that my daddy said was just between us”

We are in the heat of this family and the heat of this farm. Kids are happy. Beef is tasty! Soon, the kids will be off as responsible, giving adults. Soon, this farm will be running smoothly.

“It is a love without end.”


and to snap you out of my Hallmark moment ( Hallmark did not sponsor this post either, I really should stop dropping names ) I bring you End, Amen “World In Decay”.  I’m sure they were also inspired by George Straight singing Aaron Barker’s “Love Without End, Amen”  Grass-fed beef, Deathrow Psychotic Waltz  … potato potato as they say.  We are all after health, happiness, self control and a great giggle. … or hair flap




A Silent Toddler Is A Cheeky Toddler


This is not the first time I’ve been arrested by the roar of a silent toddler. I’m on to her. We grow and raise as much as possible. Or we buy from local farmers direct. I go to the shops for chocolate, milk, cream, coffee and sugar. I borrow rice from the neighbors because I’m in denial about eating rice ( rice is now on the shopping list! ). Someday I will also stop buying veg. Someday, I will have a house cow. Baby steps.

When I unload, Z searches the bags to put things away. … or so I thought. Really, she is searching for the chocolate bar. This is the sound of silence.

Today, she went off to the treehouse. Cool, no worries, girl plays in the treehouse. Many minutes later, she surfaced with this bar of chocolate that was once a rectangle.


She is perfectly happy with her behavior and doesn’t require much dinner after.


Me: Did you eat a chocolate bar?
Z: Yes! Yes, I did!!!