A Very Big Dandelion. A Very Wet Gumboot



Lucy rode her bike down to the mailbox to check the mail.  She came back with a very large dandelion.  I think there was some mail as well, but that isn’t important.  The cows eat dandelion.  According to my mother’s mother, she said that all cures for colds and such started with dandelion tea.



Very big thneed seed indeed.

Otto and Minty rode down to the river Laspeyrères for a dip.  Of course goggles and gumboots were essential.  Minty jumped in wearing her best sundress.

Otto emptied his boots, dried in the sun and is now looking for “Gendarmes.”


In America, they are called “firebugs.”  To me they are faux ladybugs.  All the right color and spots with no curves, thus saving on manufacturing.  Gendarmes means The Police ( well not The Police, but the real police like the ones who’d send you to the pokey ).  I’ll have to inquire within why the faux ladybugs are called policemen.  More on that later.

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