Lamington Season

Long-story-short, these coconut Australian beauties offered many parenting opportunities.  Minty held the recipe.  Lucy holds the power, the culinary skills  and the coconut.  Minty withheld the recipe for bureaucratic reasons, good on her, while Lucy yelled about the unfairness and general crappiness of it all.  Two days later, some sibling cooperation and lovely, hens laying well, we have Lamingtons.  Oh and they were lovely.
A simple sponge.



A chocolate melty.




Dip and dip and voila, an Australian yum yum.

5 thoughts on “Lamington Season

    • Jean Curtis says:

      I don’t think this would go well with cornbread. The beauty of the spongecake is there are tons of eggs and very little flour. We used “touzelle” which is an ancient wheat ( before Einkorn ) it’s much easier for the body to handle. I have no idea what they call it in America. I’ve also done a sponge with spelt that works well. Once your sponge is done, you dip it in chocolate and then in coconut. I’ll write it up on 🙂

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