You Say Sates, I Say Meat On A Stick



Can you tell that Minty picked the Australian cookbook from a selection of cookbooks from our friendly friends?  It’s been Australian delight around here ever since.  Lunch started with the archaeological find of some bamboo sticks in a bag.  “What are these?”  she says and soon a lunch to follow.



Minty made lunch.  She chose Sates ( or Satay or to me ‘ meat on a stick ‘ ).



A HUGE kid hit.  Fun to make.  Fun to grill. Fun to eat.  I only wish we made more.



Saucy covered meaty bits, Minty loaded them on a stick.  We did mostly chicken and a bit of lamb.



Having never done this before, I was very draconian in my ways.  Thankfully, Brent stepped in to show us how to grill these beauties.



Things picked up.  Meat was cooking.  Kids were swarming.  It all smelled and looked fascinating.  Just the right start before the big Eurovision final.  Oh, time to flip.



Served with three-veg-in-a-jar, we have some happy kiddies.



Minty suggested serving in my new-used pepper sharcoochie ( charcuterie ) platter.



Otto totally approves and counts sticks.



Z has a discussion with Brent about the necessity and various other uses of the bamboo skewer.  It turns out, it is also useful for pea and potato pick-up.  A skill I was taught as a young lad while waiting for dinner.

Me: Is dinner ready yet?

Mom: No, here are some kidney beans and a toothpick

Me: Oh cool!

She knew that I was but a bowl of kidney beans and a toothpick away from nagging her again.


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