Strawberry Shortcake



Yes, yes, another dish done with the kids.  Today is the last day of vacation.  Tomorrow, we will be back to the school routine.  We love having the kids run around the farm.  Minty has been enjoying making something everyday.  Lucy is our resident cook and is learning how to share kitchen time with our newest chef.

It’s strawberry season, so the kids can do all they want with these lovelies.

Strawberry Shortcake is so easy and so yummy.  You make a biscuit of some description.  You chuck your strawberries on.  You cover it in mushy strawberries OR strawberry jam warmed ( and a splash of water ) and put through a sieve.  Then load it up with whipped cream.


It’s difficult to whip cream in France.  I know a few secrets, but otherwise, you can use a siphon.


Siphons are fun because the cream comes out with a giggling force.



It’s the first cream that gets the laugh.



After, you understand the siphon, things go smoothly.



Minty’s strawberry shortcake was a huge hit.  Here is a bit of strawberry shortcake splooge.  Miam miam!


4 thoughts on “Strawberry Shortcake

    • Jean Curtis says:

      I know mom would say that Oregon strawberries are the best, but the strawberries in France are AMAZING! The ones that begin with a ‘g’ are the best ( I think it is gariguette ).

  1. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    We booked our tickets last night round trip t to/fronm London will use trains for our other adventure. Maybe we can do a face time to explore. I’m/We’re so excited. Maybe will go north a bit out of London, mostly we want to come and just shift gears with you all and watch the kids and the animals: heavy agenda !!

    Jane Sawyer

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