Bordeaux Meat Delivered and Back Again



We did a delivery to Bordeaux today.  Yummy mixed box of beef with a packet of bourguignon from the best cuts of the steer from the rear.  We also delivered ground beef.  With regulations the way they are,  having aged beef and ground beef on the same day took some planning.  Ground beef ( see also mince and steak haché )  must be ground within five days.  Aged beef rests happily in the cool room for a few weeks.  We sent one off to age ( and some early mince ) and another off just in time to catch the aged beef.  Et voilà! Today it all came together.  Booty Box ( that’s the treasured rear and a fun thing to say ) and some ground beef.  And off to Bordeaux we went.  Thankfully this booty totally looked big in that we had enough for our local beef eaters as well.  Oh look,  a Gare in my name ( saint is a bit much ), ah Bordeaux, you are a beautiful place.


There were a few opportunities getting there to fuel funny stories when we collect around the bonfire and think about the ” early days ” of meat delivery and our grass-fed beef farm.  It was great to meet/meat more customers who enjoy the beef.


With a safe return, I cooked up a rump steak and didn’t think to snap a picture until it was well on its way to my digestive system.  The steak was lovely after a long drive sustained with coffee, two pastured eggs and a quick burger. I was very excited to taste our latest creation.


2 thoughts on “Bordeaux Meat Delivered and Back Again

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Brent is the expert on this. But, I can offer that the beef ages safely in the proper cool room at the butcher. Beyond that, I’ll let Brent ‘splain.

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