The Answer To The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything


Twenty-nine again. Great day today. Our children are getting older, so they add more value when it comes to pushing me aside and taking over.


Lucy planned a lovely lunch. Our ground beef goes to our customers so quickly, other than a burger to try, we rarely have a stash for ourselves. Though last Friday, we sold ground beef to customers who had pre-ordered. But, sssh, we secretly kept some for ourselves. For lunch, Lucy planned burgers. Inspired by our neighbors who invited us over for a burger-y bun-y BBQ, Lucy did buns and fixins. SO YUMMY!!!


and of course, Champagne.  I’ve spent a lot of time ( four spells exactly spanning most if not all of my thirties ) not drinking.  I didn’t mind a bit … except for Champagne.   I loves me some Champagne.




We all enjoyed the burgers.  Zélie was much more interested in the candy.  She picked one of each, which is quite a lot when offered a Haribo trili-dili-happy-multi-pack.

Fun buns came in two sizes: ” Maxi ” and ” Classic ”

This is our burger on Maxi.  Otto loved Maxi buns.  I think it was a bit too big, but if you make burgers to size, no problem.



Here is an example of our burger on Classic.  Perfect fit!  It almost looks like a Trolli Gummy Hamburger, so cute.  Next time, I’ll get the color scheme right.  This is Brent’s favorite gummy.  Okay, yes, yep … we are a bit gummy crazy.  I only buy on special occasions.



After burgers, a fashion show.  Haut Gascon fashion by Lulu Princess of Gascony.  Her Spring line is hot, I tell you.  Hot!




Gummy coma.



I suppose I should start taking advantage of out of focus shots.


And finally, what is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?  Lucy spelled it out in American Pancakes for me this morning.


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