It’s A Job



Had to try a sirloin tonight for dinner.  ( Sigh.  Sirloin again?  ) We were looking for flavor and texture and overall beefy-ness.  Will I remember this steak?  Will I want to suck the beefy yum-yum just before I’m done chewing and ready to swallow?  Am I chewing too much?  While I’m chewing, does my butt look big in this steak?  We scrutinize our beef.   Cue veg and baked potato ( with butter and crème fraîche ), is this a nice dinner?



For me, yes.  The sirloin held up to the challenge of my steaky desires.  Brent is working out the rest of the variables.


7 thoughts on “It’s A Job

  1. burrowyestation says:

    Eating maternity ward food right now. This type of image is not fair. Expect retaliation when I get back to Burrowye and start on the lamb we knocked over the other day. Prepare for plate off!

  2. burrowyestation says:

    Eating maternity ward food at the moment. This kind of imagery is just not appropriate. I promise to retaliate when I get back to Burrowye and work on the killer that’s been hanging in the cage in our woodshed. Prepare for plate-off!

      • burrowyestation says:

        This hospital stint is fabulous – social whirl pressies cut flowers perfick new bebe gorgeous staff …. But two days without pasture, sky, woodsmoke, steakand dirt is too long. Hadn’t realised I was so addicted to the elements. Thinking about tomorrow night’s plate. Homegrown lamb or wild venison … Mmm. Charlotte.

  3. Jean Curtis says:

    Lamb! I’m still on the fence with venison. I have three legs in my freezer and I have no idea what to do with them.

    • burrowyestation says:

      Right. Lamb for you but we’ll work on getting you down off the deer fence. Folks round here would mince that leg – superb bolog and there is a sausage cult amongst our shooters. The chap who gave me my backstraps made two thousand sausages at last batch! Marinate in anything and kebab also good.

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