A Bit of Wind, Hay Bales Moved and Some Calm



I’m not complaining.  This wind and rain and Spring-y-ness is working in our favor.  Grass-fed beef needs grass.  The grass is loving these current conditions.  The herd is FAT!

This is Lumi’s first everything so he barks a bit when the wind gets going.  Silly pup.  He also stands facing the wind and looks like a dork.  He has many talents that retriever.



Brent moved some of the hay to the ” Adventure Playground ” to dry.  An area close to the house where the kids can climb trees and romp.  The grass grows well there.  We are always tempted to put the herd on it.  I like keeping it for the kids.  There is a slight slope and therefore … someday … a zipline.  Today and a few weeks after, it is the great hay bale jump around.  The kids spend a lot of time jumping on or off of those bales.


And today’s random book of calm :



Switch Off Or Switch On

Electric lights, television, computers, fluorescent lights … all add to feelings of tension.

Ironically, you can compensate for them with another electronic implement – an ioniser.


This house we live in had none of these amenities originally.  When we moved in, we added hot water to the mix.  Electricity and cold water and toilet were already there from some previous owner adding value.  I enjoy turning the lights off.  There is so much daylight right now, no need to pay for illumination.

There was a moment in my life when I bought and used an ioniser ( an urban opportunity ).  I put it next to the cat litter ( inside cat, another urban opportunity ).  Without having to believe in magic and unicorns, it actually improved the environment.  Thankfully, life on the farm does not require this gadget.

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