Hay Is Off The Green



I didn’t know this until we started this farm ( Brent did ), but  you must move the hay bales after you hay a field to let the grass grow.  Otherwise you will have some random hay bale tattoo where the grass couldn’t grow and your neighbors will mock you.  With all the sun and rain and sun and rain, the lucerne and grasses are regrowing quickly.

I took two kids to Judo and left Brent with another two.



When I returned, Lucy gave me the talkie-walkie.  ” I have Z.  We’re finishing up moving the hay,” Brent talkie-walkies in.  Z loves to help out.  This is her first time in the tractor.  She always wants to go with Daddy, but as she is the baby, I’m slow to accept her age.



Oh but she loved it.  They came around with the last bale for Adventure Playground and she had the biggest grin on her face.



and a little smirk because that’s how she rolls.  Those earmuffs squidge her cheeks.



The cows are in!  The are super fat.  They love all this grass.  They are in ” Newman ” at the moment.  This is the paddock next to the mailbox.  They will wiggle back to the yards soon.  They seem so far away, yet so close.

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