Just Because They Can



This is what a cow does after a refreshing beverage.  When the water bowl has been moved, sometimes there is a rush on the water.  We have to wait for it to fill or else they push the dish under the fence.  So we wait and watch.  Brent looks at the herd and thinks.

Meanwhile, the cows do this.



and this.



a little pre-this.



about ready to do this.



Boom goes the dynamite.  This one has a Lumi tongue. pink and black.  I’ll show you later.



This one had a drink after weeding the paddock.  Another way to get Morning Glory out of your garden, take a Salers and let her munch.



Side view.



Double nostril!! Right!



and Left!



This white camion guy stopped to deliver les” Pub ” ( the junk mail.  In French, “Lay Poob”  at home “Lay Pube” ).  Incidentally, he had no idea we were in the field taking photos of cows licking their nostrils and consequently pissed by the mailbox.  I was a shake too late to capture the action.  But that is for the best.  French men pissing on the side of the road is as common as wine with cheese.  No shock there.



One more.  Phbbt!



Grasspunk beef tongue available 7 Euros a kilo.

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