Weekend Casualties

We had a four day vacation.  With four kiddies and the bovines and the chooks, suddenly it was Monday.  No need to call forensics.  It’s all good.  We understand what happened.  The grass is growing so quickly as these toys will demonstrate.


and this chair used for some sort of shop.  Overturned, no doubt, over some dispute over a local melon and a coconut.



This cabbage patch doll so expensive yet so used.  She had a good life.  Regifted to us from an American child  who wanted a ball.  Chucked into the container and shipped to France.  Now lies here in the clover and seasonal grass of Gascony.



These wild oats hiding the super strong entry pen.  Okay, not so strong … the herd does well with it … but I worry about the exceptions … we’ll get on that.



And this plate used for painting.  One of six available at Ikea for $$super-cheap



An ostrich egg?  No, a ball of some descriptoin.



A rugby ball? Yes, a ball and OTTO!  Get your ball!



Real Minecraft.  Digging deep is harder in real life.



My knife for brie.  Cheeky kids, you stole my knife!



Baby bottle turn worm hut.  Z is totally fascinated with baby bottle reuse.



Lumi joins in with the disembowelment of his favorite stuffie.


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