To Get To The Udder Side



This is not my line, but thanks to N. Breese, the shining wit that he is, offered a lovely response ( we have this facebook page thing ).  Why did the cows cross the road?  To get to this lovely pasture.  Underneath all that tall stuff is clover, alfalfa, pretty purple flower thing and other lovely stuff for the cows ( Brent? What’s in there?! ).



They were digging it.  This is the time of year where they enter a brown paddock and leave it green.  The brown seed heads get munched or knocked down and the  green shines through as the herd exposes and munches all the goodies underneath.



They were patient cows while we set up the next move.  Above is the paddock they worked.  All the stuff standing was not good enough to munch and will provide litter and fertility for the regrowth.

As you can see, the road is not that wide, but we set up a lane to help guide them in.  The herd is good with the routine, but it takes one f*ing heifer to panic and things get complicated.  Rosebud guards the road.

They were well behaved and almost rolled their eyes at us with the lane thing.  They know where to go.  I’m the one who worries.  Brent would have them cross the road without all the fancy lane bidness.


Steer horns.  Big and pointy.



This gal needs a comic balloon of wittiness.


2 thoughts on “To Get To The Udder Side

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Thankfully, the steers are slow and gentle. I’m still wondering what to do with that fb page. It’s nothing fancy 🙂

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